Assistenza infermieristica interculturale: analisi delle variazioni nella percezione delle problematiche relazionali con i pazienti stranieri.

Translated title of the contribution: [Intercultural nursing: analysis of changes in the perception of relational problems with foreign patients].

Duilio F. Manara, Ilaria Isernia, Serena Buzzetti

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Today's society is highly impacted by immigration, as well as healthcare system. It is becoming increasingly common and frequent to establish relationships with patients with different cultural backgrounds. The aim of this study is analyzing Italian nurses' perception of the relational dynamics with foreign patients, to determine its evolution, and to identify the variables which can affect the quality of care. The study is both qualitative and quantitative with descriptive aim, using a questionnaire that assesses the theoretical-practical level of preparation, both perceptive and effective, of nurses when assisting foreign patients. To evaluate the emotional and experiential impact of the relationship with foreign patients, the difficulties encountered while establishing such relationship, and the resolution strategies - both effective and potential. The sample, composed of 101 Italian nurses employed at SanRaffaele Hospital in 6 specific Operational Units, resulted in a total of 91 returned questionnaires during the period May-June 2011. The data was analyzed through statistical instruments and compared to the results of a similar study done in 2004. The experience of intercultural nursing is seen by the sample as interesting and rewarding. The vast majority of nurses have positive responses. The more frequent issues are those connected with communication with foreign patients, and those connected with the increase workload due the presence of foreign patients. Nurses responded to difficulties more with human skills than with specific abilities, and tend to delegate the problem to the Cultural Mediation service. This new issue has a very high impact on nurses. The emerged difficulties have not decreased over time, this due to the lack of a proper policy within health care facilities in recent years, with the exception of a little improvement on the academic education. However the current academic education does not provide solutions useful in the everyday routing. This study, despite the small sample and a rather narrow degree of analysis, likes to draw attention on the topic both of nurses and on health care facilities managerial team in order to develop a effective startegie to deal with the emerged issues.

Translated title of the contribution[Intercultural nursing: analysis of changes in the perception of relational problems with foreign patients].
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)143-150
Number of pages8
JournalProfessioni infermieristiche
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2013

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