Insemination of HIV-negative women with processed semen of HIV-positive partners

A. E. Semprini, P. Levi-Setti, M. Bozzo, M. Ravizza, A. Taglioretti, P. Sulpizio, E. Albani, M. Oneta, G. Pardi

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Many HIV-discordant couples want to have children so much that they are willing to abandon condom-protected sexual intercourse irrespective of the risks. Previous testing in our laboratory showed that gradient centrifugation followed by a swim-up procedure effectively removed HIV-1-infected cells from the semen of HIV-seropositive men. 85 HIV-discordant couples were screened for fertility; 29 women were found suitable for a timed insemination course with the processed semen of their HIV-seropositive partner. None of the inseminated women seroconverted, and 17 pregnancies were achieved in 15 women. All 10 babies born to these mothers remain HIV seronegative. The findings may help in the counselling of such couples and also give them hope of having healthy babies.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1317-1319
Number of pages3
Issue number8831
Publication statusPublished - Nov 28 1992

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