Impedance biosensor for real-time monitoring and prediction of thrombotic individual profile in flowing blood

Denise De Zanet, Monica Battiston, Elisabetta Lombardi, Ruben Specogna, Francesco Trevisan, Luigi De Marco, Antonio Affanni, Mario Mazzucato

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A new biosensor for the real-time analysis of thrombus formation is reported. The fast and accurate monitoring of the individual thrombotic risk represents a challenge in cardiovascular diagnostics and in treatment of hemostatic diseases. Thrombus volume, as representative index of the related thrombotic status, is usually estimated with confocal microscope at the end of each in vitro experiment, without providing a useful behavioral information of the biological sample such as platelets adhesion and aggregation in flowing blood. Our device has been developed to work either independently or integrated with the microscopy system; thus, images of the fluorescently labeled platelets are acquired in real-time during the whole blood perfusion, while the global electrical impedance of the blood sample is simultaneously monitored between a pair of specifically designed gold microelectrodes. Fusing optical and electrical data with a novel technique, the dynamic of thrombus formation events in flowing blood can be reconstructed in real-time, allowing an accurate extrapolation of the three-dimensional shape and the spatial distribution of platelet thrombi forming and growing within artificial capillaries. This biosensor is accurate and it has been used to discriminate different hemostatic conditions and to identify weakening and detaching platelet aggregates. The results obtained appear compatible with those quantified with the traditional optical method. With advantages in terms of small size, user-friendliness and promptness of response, it is a promising device for the fast and automatic individual health monitoring at the Point of Care (POC).

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0184980
Number of pages17
JournalPLoS One
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sept 1 2017

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