Imaging of perianal inflammatory disorders in ulcerative colitis

Chiara Villa

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Perianal disease (PAD) associated with ulcerative colitis (UC) was initially described nearly six decades ago, and many reports have documented a high prevalence of such problems in patients with UC. Early studies suggested that the rate of perianal complications in patients with UC was in the range of 20-25 % [1, 2]. These high reported rates of perianal problems in UC were misleading, because colonic Crohn's disease (CD) was first recognized only in the early 1960s and proper descriptions of indeterminate colitis (IC) occurred in the late 1970s; many patients thought in the past to have UC and perianal disease really had either CD or IC [1]. In addition, most references of PAD in UC were published before the widespread use of endoscopy for the diagnosis of these diseases [3].

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