ICTAL EEG fast activity in west syndrome: From onset to outcome

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Purpose: To characterize the fast EEG activities associated with infantile spasms in West syndrome, and their value in predicting the recurrence and localization of late seizures. Methods: We selected 23 infants who were followed for at least 2 years. Selected EEG recordings underwent autospectra, coherence, and phase analyses in order to assess the changes during follow-up. Results: Short discharges of fast-rhythms (331 ± 190 ms) with a lateralized onset were detected in 18 of the 23 infants (78.3%). There were no significant differences in the parameters characterizing ICTAL beta-activity (frequency, duration, inter-hemispheric coherence, or transfer time) between the infants with or without seizure recurrence. However, beta-discharges with a consistent location formed part of the ICTAL EEG in all 10 infants with seizure recurrence, but only in eight (61.5%) of those who remained seizure-free (SF) (p <0.05). In all but one of the infants experiencing seizure recurrence, the ICTAL discharges associated with the late seizures apparently originated from the same hemisphere as that involved at the beginning of the spasm-associated beta-activity, although the precise location varied. Conclusions: Spectral, coherence and phase analyses detected spasm-associated runs of lateralized beta-rhythms in many of our infants with West syndrome. This ICTAL pattern significantly correlated with seizure recurrence. The consistent lateralization of the ICTAL EEG events associated with both the early spasms and late seizures suggests that EEG beta-activities should be considered as indicating local cortical dysfunction in infants who fail to respond to early treatment and often progress toward severe epilepsy.

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