Groin Pain in Athletes

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"Groin pain" is an umbrella term for a pain syndrome that, although manifesting in the groin, may originate from several structures. In this article, we attempt to classify groin pain in a more organic manner, since its cause and origin are becoming better defined. Therefore, we draw a distinction between three main groups, namely insertion tendinopathy, derangement of the abdominal wall, and all causes of pain that do not involve the adductor and the abdominal muscles disorders, nor abdominal wall abnormalities, and we stress the different etiopathogeneses. Diagnosis is based on accurate history taking and physical examination, and imaging can be used to confirm physical findings. Nonoperative management is the initial approach. In case of failure, surgery should be considered, with operative management tailored to the lesion diagnosed.

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JournalSports Medicine and Arthroscopy Review
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