Glucose metabolism outcomes in acromegaly patients on treatment with pasireotide-LAR or pasireotide-LAR plus Pegvisomant

S Chiloiro, A Giampietro, F Visconti, L Rossi, F Donfrancesco, CM Fleseriu, F Mirra, A Pontecorvi, A Giustina, M Fleseriu, L De Marinis, A Bianchi

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Introduction: Disorders of glucose metabolism are a serious acromegaly comorbidity and may be differently impacted by medical treatments of acromegaly. In this retrospective longitudinal multicenter study, we investigated the outcome of glucose metabolism and its predictors in patients treated with Pasireotide LAR (PAS-LAR) alone or in combination with Pegvisomant (PAS-LAR + Peg-V). Subjects and methods: Acromegaly patients treated continously with PAS-LAR or PAS-LAR + Peg-V for at least 6 months. Results: Forty patients (25 females, 15 males) were enrolled. At last visit, 27/40 patients (67.5%) reached biochemical control of acromegaly. Overall, glucose metabolism improved in 3 (all in PAS-LAR + Peg-V; 7.5%), worsened in 26 (65%) and remained unchanged in 11 patients (27.5%). Glucose metabolism worsened in 25 patients (73.5%) treated with PAS-LAR and in a single patient (16.7%) treated with PAS-LAR + Peg-V (p < 0.001). Among patients treated with Pas-LAR alone, GH at baseline was higher in those with worsening of glucose metabolism (p = 0.04) as compared to those with stable glucose status. A significantly higher reduction of HbA1c was observed in patients treated with PAS-LAR + Peg-V, as compared with those treated with PAS-LAR alone (p = 0.005). Conclusions: Our data confirmed that glucose metabolism in patients treated with PAS-LAR is often worsened, and may be predicted by entity of baseline GH hypersecretion and by the dose of PAS-LAR. Moreover, our data, although limited by small numbers, may suggest that the combination treatment PAS-LAR + Peg-V can improve glucose homeostasis in selected patients. © 2021, The Author(s).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)658-666
Number of pages9
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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