Breast cancer surgery as an outpatient in Italy: Is it possible?

G. Carcano, L. Uccella, A. Ferrari, F. Rovera, G. Dionigi, G. Limonta, R. Dionigi

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Aim. Breast cancer is the most frequent malignant neoplasm in women. In Italy, 1 out of 13 women will develop breast cancer in her life. Breast cancer surgery, superficial and not implying any significant bleeding or electrolyte shifts, represents a good target for ambulatory surgery. This is particularly seen in patients with early breast cancer, candidates to conservative surgery (quadrantectomy and sentinel node biopsy), according to current standards of therapy. In the last decade, mostly in the USA and West Europe, various studies have been carried on to assess the feasibility, efficacy and complications of one day surgery regime for breast cancer. Methods. In this study, the authors examine the feasibility and efficacy of outpatient surgery for early breast cancer in the Italian context, assessing costs, benefits and the agreement of patients. They report a series of 32 women treated for breast cancer as outpatients. Results. They report a series of 32 women treated for breast cancer as outpatients at the department of general surgery of the Insubria University in Varese. Conclusions. Outpatient surgery represents a precious and safe resource only when performed in a context in which the patient is accurately prepared preoperatively and strictly controlled post-operatively. The authors, however, conclude that ambulatory surgery for early breast cancer is feasible, effective, safe, as well as satisfactory for patients in the Italian context. Also, the economic results suggest a higher affordability of the programme in comparison to hospital admissions.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2005


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