Brain Ultrasonography Consensus on Skill Recommendations and Competence Levels Within the Critical Care Setting

the Consensus on brain ultrasonography in critical care group

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Background: To report a consensus on the different competency levels for the elaboration of skill recommendations in performing brain ultrasonography within the neurocritical care setting. Methods: Four brain ultrasound experts, supported by a methodologist, performed a preselection of indicators and skills based on the current literature and clinical expertise. An international panel of experts was recruited and subjected to web-based questionnaires according to a Delphi method presented in three separate rounds. A pre-defined threshold of agreement was established on expert subjective opinions, > 84% of votes was set to support a strong recommendation and > 68% for a weak recommendation. Below these thresholds, no recommendation reached. Results: We defined four different skill levels (basic, basic-plus, pre-advanced, advanced). Twenty-five experts participated to the full process. After four rounds of questions, two items received a strong recommendation in the basic skill category, three in the advanced, twelve in the basic-plus, and seven in the pre-advanced. Two items in the pre-advanced category received a weak recommendation and three could not be collocated and were excluded from the list. Conclusions: Results from this consensus permitted stratification of the different ultrasound examination skills in four levels with progressively increasing competences. This consensus can be useful as a guide for beginners in brain ultrasonography and for the development of specific training programs within this field.

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JournalNeurocritical Care
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2019


  • Acute brain injury
  • Brain ultrasound
  • Consensus
  • Delphi
  • Intensive care
  • Training

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