Bentall operation in 375 patients: long-term results and predictors of death.

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The Bentall operation is a 40-year-old standardized procedure for treating aortic valve diseases and aneurysms involving the aortic root. The study aim was to analyze the results and predictors of long-term outcome after the Bentall procedure for aortic root diseases. Between January 1990 and December 2007, a total of 375 patients (296 males, 79 females) underwent the Bentall operation at the authors' institution. Bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) was present in 91 patients, and Marfan syndrome in 13. Thirty-six patients were treated as emergencies, and 30 for acute dissection. A concomitant surgical procedure was performed in 78 patients. The operative procedure included both classic Bentall and button techniques. Follow up data were obtained from hospital and office records and from telephone contacts. Kaplan-Meier survival analysis and Cox regression analysis were performed to investigate the predictors of long-term outcome. The overall in-hospital mortality was 4.5%, and after elective operations was 2.3%. A 20-year long-term follow up included 32 late deaths, of which 14 were cardiac-related. Freedom from late all-cause mortality at 5, 10, and 15 years was 97.1%, 81.9%, and 53.9%, respectively. At univariate analysis, long-term mortality was associated with age, diabetes, BAV, NYHA class III/IV, emergency treatment, cardiopulmonary bypass time, and coronary artery bypass grafting. Independent predictors of long-term mortality were age (OR 1.16; CI: 1.08-1.23), emergency surgery (OR 28; CI: 4-192) and BAV (OR 3; CI: 1.3-6.9). The Bentall procedure is a safe and durable operation, with a very good early and long-term results and a low rate of reoperation. In the present series, age, BAV and emergency surgery were important independent predictors of mortality.

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