Autoscopie et rêve-éveillé. Ou l'autoscopie dans la procédure imaginative

Translated title of the contribution: Austoscopia and awakened dream. Or the autoscopia in the imaginative process

Anna Paladino, Alberto Passerini, Ivan De Curtis

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Autoscopia is an hallucinatory phenomena where the subject sees himself as a double or else sees parts of his body, with a feeling of anxiety and confusion. This phenomena can figure a true perception, in the form of either a pure representation either a delirium, and it not only appears in dissociate psychic processes induced by endogenous or exogenous causes, but as well, though less frequently, in normal people under much weariness. Autoscopia has not an overall pathologic meaning ; encountered mostly as an intrapsychic experience (non hallucinatory) above all in dreams. Even if autoscopia is often related to pathologic conditions, most often its causes remain stress and fatigue. Autoscopia manifests itself physiologically in the Imaginative Process (Awakened Dream) taking the form of Autoscopian Images Chains (Rocca-Stendoro, 2001). It is "the self-representation in a imaginar setting . . . . . . self perception that implies defensive mechanisms of scission linked to the projective identification which can [. . . . . . ] represent a pathologic adaptive phenomena with a maniac content" (Rocca-Stendoro, 2001). We can distinguish different types of autoscopia : the neurotic defense from the distanciation/from the disinvestment ; the psychotic defense of the depersonalization ; the hallucinatory phenomena -delirious ; the ringer phenomena. We chose a few clinical examples to better explain and illustrate the inferred theory concepts of autoscopia manifestation such as they are in Imaginative Process (Awakened Dream).

Translated title of the contributionAustoscopia and awakened dream. Or the autoscopia in the imaginative process
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)225-241
Number of pages17
JournalImaginaire et Inconscient
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006


  • Autoscopia
  • Depersonalization
  • Hallucinatory phenomena
  • Imaginative Process (Awakened Dream)
  • Ringer phenomena

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  • Clinical Psychology


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