Assessing the memorization of TV commercials with the use of high resolution EEG: a pilot study.

L. Astolfi, R. Soranzo, F. Cincotti, D. Mattia, G. Scarano, I. Gaudiano, M. G. Marciani, S. Salinari, F. De Vico Fallani, F. Babiloni

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The present work intends to evaluate the functional characteristics of the cerebral network during the successful memory encoding of TV commercials. We estimated the functional networks in the frequency domain from a set of high-resolution EEG data. High resolution EEG recordings were performed in a group of healthy subjects and the cortical activity during the observation of TV commercials was evaluated in several regions of interest coincident with the Brodmann areas (BAs). Summarizing the main results of the present study, a sign of the memorization of a particular set of TV commercials have been found in a group of investigated subjects with the aid of advanced modern tools for the acquisition and the processing of EEG data. The cerebral processes involved during the observation of TV commercials that were remembered successively by the population examined (RMB dataset) are generated by the posterior parietal cortices and the prefrontal areas, rather bilaterally and are irrespective of the frequency bands analyzed. Such results are compatible with previously results obtained from EEG recordings with superficial electrodes as well as with the brain activations observed with the use of MEG and fMRI devices.

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