Antioxidant activity of Hydroxytyrosol and Vitamin E reduces systemic inflammation in children with paediatric NAFLD

Antonella Mosca, Annalisa Crudele, Antonella Smeriglio, Maria Rita Braghini, Nadia Panera, Donatella Comparcola, Arianna Alterio, Maria Rita Sartorelli, Giulia Tozzi, Massimiliano Raponi, Domenico Trombetta, Anna Alisi

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BACKGROUND: The rise in paediatric non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is particularly alarming. We recently reported that Hydroxytyrosol (HXT) and Vitamin E (VitE) may improve oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and steatosis in children with biopsy-proven NAFLD.

AIM: Here, we investigated if HXT+VitE may reduce systemic inflammation in the above-mentioned patients.

METHODS: This study analysed the plasma levels of IL (interleukin)-6, IL-1β, IL-10, tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α, 4‑hydroxy-2-nonenal (4-HNE) and 8-hydroxy-2'deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) in children enrolled in the HXT+VitE trial (, NCT02842567).

RESULTS: Changes in markers of systemic inflammation were found in both placebo (Pla) and HXT+VitE. In particular, after four months, the levels of IL-1β and TNF-α were reduced in both groups, while IL-6 decreased, and IL-10 increased significantly only in the group treated with HXT+VitE. Children treated with HXT+VitE showed a significant decrease of 4-HNE and 8-OHdG that correlated with the improvement of triglyceride levels. Noticeably, only the 8-OHdG decrease correlated with steatosis amelioration and with the increase of IL-10 levels.

CONCLUSION: The treatment with HXT and VitE reduced the NAFLD-related systemic inflammation in children, mainly by an increase of IL-10 circulating levels that occurred in response to DNA damage recovery, ultimately improving steatosis and hypertriglyceridemia.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1154-1158
Number of pages5
JournalDigestive and liver disease : official journal of the Italian Society of Gastroenterology and the Italian Association for the Study of the Liver
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2021


  • Antioxidants/administration & dosage
  • Biomarkers/blood
  • Child
  • Drug Combinations
  • Female
  • Humans
  • Interleukin-10/blood
  • Male
  • Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease/drug therapy
  • Oxidative Stress/drug effects
  • Phenylethyl Alcohol/administration & dosage
  • Vitamin E/administration & dosage


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