An analysis of approaches to the treatment of endometrial cancer in Western Europe: A CTF study

T. Maggino, C. Romagnolo, P. Zola, E. Sartori, F. Landoni, A. Gadducci

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The role of this research is to define the clinical-therapeutic approach to endometrial cancer currently being followed in some of the most important centres of reference for gynaecological cancer in Western Europe. Data was collected by means of a questionnaire, concerning specific diagnostic and therapeutic options, sent to 115 leaCling centres for gynaecological oncology in Western Europe, and 82 responses were received. The analysis of the management of this neoplasia in Western European countries shows significant differences regarding some particular clinical conditions. Only 24.4% of the interviewed centres stated that they perform lymphadenectomy routinely, whereas it is most commonly reserved for specific pathological conditions. The presence of lymph node spread is generally considered to be the most important prognostic element, and currently, radiotherapy of the pelvis appears to be the treatment of choice either as the sole postsurgical therapy (57%) or in combination with systemic treatment. An adjuvant treatment in stage I lymph node-negative patients is adopted in the large majority of the centres (70.5%) when poorly differentiated cancer (46%) and/or deep myometrial invasion (33.3%) are present. In this condition, radiotherapy appears to be the therapy of choice. Histotype and grading are generally recognised as important risk factors and result in treatment modification; the high percentage of primary surgical modifications is considerable (63.4%) in stage I grade 3 cancers that primarily require lymphadenectomy or recourse to radical hysterectomy. The results of our study indicate that there is no leading therapy in the advanced stages of endometrial cancers, but each therapeutic modality is adopted to more or less the same extent.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1993-1997
Number of pages5
JournalEuropean Journal of Cancer
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 1995


  • diagnosis
  • endometrial carcinoma
  • treatment

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