A multicenter study of treatment of primary CNS lymphoma

A. J M Ferreri, M. Reni, F. Pasini, A. Calderoni, U. Tirelli, A. Pivnik, G. M. Aondio, F. Ferrarese, H. Gomez, M. Ponzoni, B. Borisch, F. Berger, C. Chassagne, P. Iuzzolino, A. Carbone, J. Weis, E. Pedrinis, T. Motta, A. Jouvet, T. BarbuiF. Cavalli, J. Y. Blay

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Objective: To characterize the therapeutic variables correlated to outcome in 370 patients with primary CNS lymphoma. Methods: Planned treatment was radiotherapy (RT) in 98 patients, chemotherapy (CHT) in 32, RT followed by CHT in 36, and CHT followed by RT in 197 patients. High-dose methotrexate (HD-MTX; 1 to 8 g/m2) was used in 169 patients and intrathecal CHT in 109. Results: One hundred sixteen patients are alive (median follow-up 24 months), with a 2-year overall survival of 37%. Patients treated with CHT followed by RT had improved survival with respect to patients treated with RT alone. Patients receiving HD-MTX-based primary CHT survived longer than those treated with other drugs. HD-MTX associated with other cytostatics, in particular HD-cytarabine, produced better results than HD-MTX alone. No correlation between MTX dose and survival was found. In patients receiving HD-MTX, consolidation RT or intrathecal CHT did not improve survival. Age, performance status, lactate dehydrogenase serum level, CSF protein level, site of disease, and use of HD-MTX were all predictors of survival. Conclusions: Combination CHT-RT is superior to RT alone. Patients treated with primary CHT containing HD-MTX exhibited improved survival. In these patients, the addition of HD-cytarabine was associated with a better survival, whereas intrathecal CHT was not correlated to outcome. RT may be unnecessary in patients achieving complete remission after receiving HD-MTX-based primary CHT.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1513-1520
Number of pages8
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - May 28 2002

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